NS Máquinas

NS Máquinas is a manufacturer of machines for the metal finishing, deburring and polishing industry. Located in Portugal, NS Máquinas is able to create and offer machines which combine quality and adequacy for diverse production requirements. Know more about our complete program: Round Tube Polishing Machines, Flat Bar and Rectangular Tube Finishing Machines, Deburring and Edge Rounding Machines, Long Belt Finishing Machines and Polishing Machines.

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Unloading System for 6 Heads Machine

NS Máquinas developed a new system to be integrated with the Round Tube Finishing Machines for automatic tubes unloading. The unloading table was connected to an MLW100 6Z a wet operation machine with six abrasive belt stations. The operator can feed tubes up to 6 meters...

Small Parts Finishing with Return System

FGW170 2ZKR is a new version of the standard Rectangular and Flat Bars Finishing Machine FGW170. The standard machine is also capable to make small parts finishing which was the main interest of this customer. This machine has a 2ZK configuration: two abrasive belts stations and...

NS Máquinas

NS Máquinas