NS Máquinas at FABTECH, Chicago

NS Máquinas Industriais will be exhibiting in the FABTECH 2019 edition in Chicago. In the booth you'll be able to know more and demonstrate our machines: DM1100 C - Edge Rounding Machine, DM1100 DC - Slag Removal and Edge Rounding Machine and the OD120 - Tube End Deburring Machine. Hot Read more Deburring...

Automatic Tube Bundle Finishing Machine

MLW100 3Z tube wet finishing machine can be now equipped with automatic loading and unloading systems for complete tube bundles. The tubes are delivered together in one single batch and are polished through the 3 planetary stations. The finished tubes are placed on the outfeed table without any operator intervention.

Tube Polishing Machine – 6 Stations

MLW100 6Z AT is an automatic solution for high-quality tube finishing which provides a completely autonomous operation from the operator. Being capable of processing not only round tubes, but also some irregular profiles, this machine brings huge advantages to the tube finishing and polishing applications.

Tube End Deburring – Automotive Industry Case

Burrs are projections of material beyond the workpiece limits. It consists of an undesirable extended surface over the piece. The burr formation is almost impossible to avoid due to manufacturing processes, formation mechanisms, shape and material properties. On the other hand, there are several deburring processes to remove efficiently...

Metal Deburring Machine – 1350mm Width

DM machines with ZC configuration, combine deburring and strong edge rounding in one single machine, processing small and large parts cut mainly on laser and plasma. The large diameter contact roller deburrs efficiently small and medium size burrs while the 2 counter rotating abrasive cross belts leave a soft edge...