Slag removal

Removing slag from the upper side of thick plasma and oxy-cut steel parts. The large diameter deburring drum adjusts to material distortion and thickness tolerances, applying the pressure more on the slag and less on the metal surface.

Single Side Process

Operates on the top side of metal cut parts. Deburring drum combined with counter rotating abrasive blocks work parts from 50mm up to 1100mm.

Double Sided Process

Thick steel parts deburring and double side edge rounding, avoiding returning and flipping the parts. Hight productivity both on small and heavy parts.

Multiple Stations Deburring

By combining different deburring and abrasive brushing stations in a machine it is possible to achieve deburred, high radius edges and even oxide-free parts.

DM machines can be combined up to four stations in order to accomplish different edge and surface requirements.

Automatic Transport Systems

Long Parts Return

System developed to feed, transfer and return automatically long and heavy parts. Besides high productivity this equipment is developed with safety in mind. The system also reduces dramatically operator intervention since all movements and settings can be programmed and stored for future use.

Large Parts Conveyors

Two or three tables complete the system: 180º U-turn conveyor belt table, a straight return conveyor and, if required a 90º unit at the end can be added to bring the parts right up to the operator. This system is developed for high diversity of metal parts: small, large, light or heavy.