DMW660 Z + DMW1100 Z

Max width 1100mm

Wet finishing

1-4 stations

Large capacity for metal sheets wet finishing up to 660mm or 1100mm width.


DMW are flat surfaces finishing machines which were designed both for consistent linear finishing and for heavy grinding in flat metal surfaces.

The robust construction combined with the carefully developed and though design for wet operation makes the finishing with water a clean and controlled operation.

The integrated filtration system, stainless steel abrasive stations covers, drying station, and robustness of contact roller design are some of the standard features which make DMW a solid and reliable solution for flat metal sheets finishing and grinding.


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metal sheet finishing piece machine
Consistent linear finishing
Consistent linear finishing

Solid construction, quality materials and precise assembling result in high class finishing quality.

Stainless steel covers for the abrasive stations
Stainless steel covers for the abrasive stations
Stainless steel covers for the abrasive stations

The stainless steel covers around the abrasive belts prevents the corrosion and retains the water in the finishing stations.

Fixed working height
Fixed working height
Fixed working height

The fixed working height allows the integration with the conveyors before and after the machine for an easier handling of big parts.

Automatic filtering system
Automatic filtering system
Automatic filtering system

The automatic filter assures the continuous renovation and monitoring of the filter paper cleanness.

Drying station
Drying station
Drying station

Due to the squeeze rollers and the air blowers the metal sheets leave the machine without water drops, retaining the water inside the machine and keeping the area around clean.

Quick controls access
Quick controls access
Quick controls access

The easy controls combined with a central touch screen provide a perfect and quick adjustment of the machine, enabling a clear monitoring of machine statistics and alarms.

Demonstration Videos

DMW660 2Z – Flat Surface Wet Finishing Machine


DMW660 2Z DMW1100 2Z
Working capacity (mm) 660x1201100x120
No. belt stations (Z)2-62-6
Abrasive belt dimensions (mm)660x22001100x2200
Abrasive belt speed (m/s)2525
Feeding speed (m/m)4-154-15
Abrasive belt motor (kW)(2x) 11(2x) 18.5
Feeding Motor0.370.45
Dimensions (mm)2650x2310x24502750x2800x2450
Weight approx. (kg)41005200



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    • DM1100 C

      Arrondi des bords
      jusqu’à 1100mm
      Idéal pour arrondir les bords et pour l’élimination des bavures légères des pièces jusqu’à 1100mm de large.

    • LMD2500 2Z

      Table de 2500mm
      2 stations de bande abrasive
      Machine à double bande longue pour le ponçage et la finition de tôles ou de structures soudées.

    • MLW100 Z

      Max Ø114mm
      Tubes droits
      2 à 4 stations
      Qualité et productivité: ponçage humide multi-stations de tubes droits jusqu’à Ø114mm.

    • TR120

      Ponçage latéral
      Finition à sec
      1 à 5 stations
      Ponçage latéral, finition et biseautage de barres plates en acier inoxydable.