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NS Máquinas is a manufacturer of machines for the metal finishing, deburring and polishing industry. Located in Portugal, NS Máquinas is able to create and offer machines which combine quality and adequacy for diverse production requirements. Know more about our complete program: Round Tube Polishing Machines, Flat Bar and Rectangular Tube Finishing Machines, Deburring and Edge Rounding Machines, Long Belt Finishing Machines and Polishing Machines.

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Mirror Polishing Machines - Rohrpoliermaschine - MP100 - main



MP100 round tube machine mirror polishes round tubes, straight or curved. Three planetary polishing wheels rotate around the tube making high pressure and delivering a high gloss mirror polishing, even in curved tubes.

The machine features brushes pressure control by foot pedal. This enables the operator to control the applied force during tube polishing operation.

The automatic feeding system transports straight tubes safely through the polishing units, enabling a consistent and high mirror polishing quality.

Mirror Polishing Machines - Rohrpoliermaschine - MP100 - main


Mirror Polishing Machines - Rohrpoliermaschine - MP100 - img1
High Quality Polishing

MP100 machine gives a high quality gloss mirror polishing to round tubes.

Mirror Polishing Machines - Rohrpoliermaschine - MP100 - img2
Straight and curved tubes

This machine is capable to operate both straight tubes (automatically) and curved tubes (manually) by simply removing the automatic feeding system.

Mirror Polishing Machines - Rohrpoliermaschine - MP100 - img3
No tube support, no scratches

MP100 concept does not have any tube support on the polishing area. Therefore, no chance to get any marks and scratches on the polishing station. The result is a perfect polished surface.

Mirror Polishing Machines - Rohrpoliermaschine - MP100 - img4
Planetary polishing system

The MP100 machine is equipped with a planetary system. The system consists in three planetary polishing wheels which rotate around the tube applying high pressure.

Mirror Polishing Machines - Rohrpoliermaschine - MP100 - img5
Pressure control

The foot pedals allow to increase or decrease the amount of pressure on the tube during the operation.

Mirror Polishing Machines - Rohrpoliermaschine - MP100 - img6
Automatic Soap Applying

This system applies automatically soap to the polishing wheels either by the operator indication or by time setting.


Mirror Polisher – MP100 Demonstration Video


Technical specifications

Working Capacity (mm)Ø114
Feeding Speed (m/m)Manual or 0-3
Polishing Wheels Speed (m/s)up to 35m/s
Polishing Wheels Dimensions (mm)3x Ø180-240
Polishing Wheels Motor (kW)5,5
Wheel Motor (kW)0,37
Consumption (A)20
Dimensions (mm)1250x1250x1550
Weight approx. (kg)500


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