PP220 2K – Mirror Polishing Machine

Max 220mm width

Rectangular and Square Tubes

Flat Bars

Rectangular and square tubes and flat bars up to 220mm width.


PP220 2K is a rectangular/square tubes and flat bars mirror polishing machine.
This machine is capable to work up to 220mm width in a through-feed system.
PP220 2K features two polishing wheel stations each one connected to a pressurized tank with liquid compound automatic spray gun.


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Cotton buff - mirror polished rectangular tube
High Quality Polishing
High Quality Polishing

PP220 2K machine gives a high quality gloss mirror polishing to rectangular tubes.

Tubes Mirror Polishing up to 220mm width
Rectangular tubes and flat bars
Rectangular tubes and flat bars

Through-feed system delivers a fast output in rectangular/square tubes and flat bars mirror polishing.

two mirror polishing stations
Independent polishing stations
Independent polishing stations

The machine has two polishing stations totally independent. It is possible to adjust pressure and speed of each unit individually. Also, each station counts with wheels oscillation option.

Buffing machine for stainless steel rectangular tubes
Large Diameter Polishing Wheels
Large Diameter Polishing Wheels

Each station is equipped with 400mm diameter and 220mm width polishing wheels.

liquid compound tanks for mirror polishing process
Liquid Compound
Liquid Compound

Two 45 liters tanks combined with two spray guns to apply the liquid compound in the polishing wheels.

Touchscreen Control Panel
Touchscreen Control Panel
Touchscreen Control Panel

Easy to set working height, polishing wheels speed in each station, conveyor belt speed, liquid compound timer, polishing discs oscillation on/off and monitor motors consumption.

cotton buff mirror polishing wheels
Fixed Working Height
Fixed Working Height

The adjustment for different thicknesses is made by the movement of the buffing stations, keeping the conveyor belt always at the same level. This helps the work of long tubes and bars without having to adjust roller tables.

Demonstration VIdeos

PP220 2K – Demonstration Vídeo


PP220 2K
Working Capacity (mm)220x200
Feeding Speed (m/min)2-8
Polishing Wheels Speedup to 35m/s
Polishing Wheels Dimensions (mm)(2x) Ø400x220
Polishing Wheels Motors (kW)(2x) 7.5
Feeding Motor (kW)(2x) 0.25
Consumption (A)80
Weight (kg)2000



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