Max Ø 50mm

Curved tubes

1 station

Ideal for polishing curved round tubes with tight radius and diameters up to 50mm.


ML50 round tube finishing machine is the ideal equipment to polish low diameter round tubes with tight bent radius.

Polishing water taps and faucets, finishing handles or polishing in curved tubular products are easily made with ML50.

The ML planetary system enables the work without rotating the tube, delivering the best results on bent and curved tubes as well.


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Round Tube Finishing Machines - ML50
Polishing bent tubes with tight radii
Polishing bent tubes with tight radii

The planetary wheel of ML50 has a compact design for very tight curved tubes finishing with the highest flexibility.

Round Tube Finishing Machines - ML50
Low heat
Low heat

The soft contact with abrasive belts with ML Planetary System has a very low heat on the tube surface, unlike other conventional systems.

Round Tube Finishing Machines - ML50
High diameter flexibility up to 50mm
High diameter flexibility up to 50mm

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Bent Tube Finishing Machine


Working capacity (Ø mm)5 - 50
No. Stations1
Abrasive belt dimensions (mm)(2x) 25x500
Abrasive belt speed (m/s)10-25
Abrasive belts motor (kW)2.2
Wheel motor (kW)1.5
Total power (kW)4
Consumption (A)12
Dust extraction connection (Ømm)60
Dimensions (mm)650x740x1220
Weight (kg)170
Minimum Bend ChartSee chart



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  • A

    До 5.5 кВт
    6800 м3/ч
    Сухая обработка
    Простые и экономичные пылеуловители с фильтровальными мешками.

  • FG170

    Максимальная ширина 170 мм
    Сухая обработка
    1-3 станции
    Профессиональная обработка прямоугольных труб и прутков шириной до 170 мм.

  • OD120 + OD160

    Максимум 160 мм
    Удаление заусенец на концах труб
    Круглые, квадратные и профили
    Удаление заусенец на концах круглых и прямоугольных труб